• What are the materials used?

    All our pieces are fine jewels, made with silver 925 with plating of silver, gold, rose gold or solid 18k gold. With a mix of precious and semi-precious stones, our jewels are made to last you a lifetime.

  • What is silver 925?

    Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is soft and malleable, so it is often combined with other metals to produce a more durable and long-lasting product. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver (925). On silver pieces, the hallmark of 925 is marked as 925. In sterling silver, 92.5% of the object by weight is silver and 7.5% will be another alloy, usually copper.

  • Are the pieces silver or silver plated?

    We want to keep your customized and special pieces to last forever therefore, most of them are made of silver 925 and plating is optional, you can find this information in the product description.

  • What type of stones do you use?

    Majorly we use high quality zircon stones, but we can customise it with your choice of stones. You can get in touch on

  • Can I swim with my jewelry pieces on?

    Since your jewelry is made in silver 925 or 18k gold, you can swim in it and wear them everywhere. However, jewelry is delicate and could get scratched or dirty and could require a quick polish/ clean.

Shipping and other

  • Where is all the jewelry manufactured?

    All our pieces are handmade in the UAE, Dubai so we can oversee the quality and make sure to expedite the delivery of the items.

  • Which shipping company do you use to deliver?

    We use Fedex Corporation for all international deliveries outside UAE. Within the Emirates we use a local shipping company called Shipox

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Delivery timings could vary depending on the country we are shipping to or on the season but usually the below: Within UAE: 2 - 14 working days Within GCC: 2-3 weeks Internationally: 2-3 weeks We do always try to deliver below the above timelines mentioned.

  • What's your return and refund policy?

    We have a strict no returns or refund policy as the items are made to order. In the case that a size is wrong or small adjustments need to be made, we offer resizing and alterations, please get in touch with us to avail this service. In the case the piece is shipped wrong or is broken, we ensure that we replace/ fix the piece for you if claimed within two days of delivery.